A classic backpacker staple, canned tuna. Not always the best smelling, but this recipe adds a little extra flavor for you. This is an easy hostel recipe, and often a go-to when we’re tired or there isn’t a decent kitchen for us to use. The nice thing about this recipe is it is versatile. I’ve included the basic recipe here, and tons of options at the bottom for ways to switch it up. That way you can add new flavors whenever different ingredients are available.

Serve cold, and on a toasted if you can. Enjoy!

1 Can Tuna
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1/2 Green Apple, peeled and cubed
Sandwich bread or baguette
2 Stalks celery (optional)
Slices of cheese (optional)

Kitchen Knife
Possibly Can opener
Bowl for mixing


We liked peeling the apple for a better texture. Then add apple, mayonnaise, and tuna to a bowl. (Make sure and drain the liquid from the tuna can before combining)

Serve on toasted bread and enjoy.

-Add celery and/or onions for an extra crunch.
-Cheese on top is good as well.
-Adding a pinch of mustard is nice as well
-Tuna packed in olive oil is usually better
-Capers are a good, but expensive addition
-If you have a handful of raisins throw them in for a little more sweetness


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