We met two Swiss guys in Bogota, Columbia and they gave us this delicious recipe. They own a beautiful hostel and bakery that makes to-die-for pastries in the trendy neighborhood of La Candelaria. Give this amazingly simple, delicious, and easy hostel recipe a try. Roesti can be made a variety of ways, and its flexibility works great for hostel cooking. We’ve included the bare-bones basic recipe (well almost, we added eggs), so you can add all the fixins you want!

Salt & pepper

Frying pan
Grater for grating potatoes

1) Peel potatoes, and then grate.
2) Heat frying pan on medium heat with butter.
3) Form grated potatoes into patties and add to frying pan, salt.
4) Heat for 10 minutes on one side or until browned, flip and salt. Heat for an additional 5 minutes. The potato cake will be brown when
5) Remove Potato cake from frying pan. Add more butter, keep heat at medium.
6) Fry eggs in frying pan.
7) Once finished, place fried eggs on top of the potato cake, season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

-can add cheese, fried ham to the top
-Add minced onions, bacon, or apple to the grated potatoes for additional flavors


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