Here is an easy recipe to make with a group in a hostel. These fresh ingredients can be found in almost any market. If you can’t find the exact ones listed here, add local produce for a new flavor. Thank you Hilary for your tasty hostel recipe!

Sausages (chopped up)
Rashers smoked or pale (diced up)(minus fatty rind) -aka Bacon
Tomatoes (Fresh or tins)
Chicken stock (can use bouillon cubes, or water)
Whatever veggies you want e.g, sliced onions, sliced peppers, sliced
mushrooms, diced celery, some crushed garlic to add flavour.
Cooking oil
A dash of worchester sauce
Fresh thyme
Salt & pepper
Some cornflour dissolved in water for thickening if you wish

A deep frying pan, you could also do it on the top of a cooker in a
large saucepan
A frying spatula
Chopping board
Kitchen Knife
Measuring jug

1) Heat the cooking oil in the frying pan or saucepan.
2) Add the diced sausages and rashers. Fry until fairly cooked but not
3) Add the diced vegetables including garlic, the tin or tins of tomatoes and as much stock as you want to get the flavour you like.
4) Add the cooked meats, fresh thyme and dash of worchester sauce and
some salt and (or whatever herb you fancy, oregano would suffice too)
to the boil and then allow the dish to simmer on the top of the cooker
until the meat & veg are fully cooked & the flavours of the cooked
meats and herbs have infused through.
5)Add some cornflour dissolved in water to thicken if you would prefer.

Additional information:
-You can add other cooked meats if you wants such as diced up salami,
pepperoni or chorizo.
-You can sprinkle the finished dish with some chopped parsley if you
-Nice served with boiled potatoes or sauteed ones with some onion
(latter served on a separate plate) if you want to put yourself to
some trouble.


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